Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Know The Benefits of Eating Rye

Health Benefits of Rye
Rye is a cereal grain which is highly nutritious. It belongs to the same tribe as barley and wheat. It has a hardy and deep taste. Mainly rye is used for making bread. There are various varieties of rye available in the market varying in color from yellowish brown to grayish green. Rye is very healthy in nature. It has many skin, health and hair benefits associated with it.

Read on to find the various health, skin and hair benefits of rye:

Prevents Childhood Asthma-

Studies have proved that proper consumption of whole grains like rye help prevents the occurrence of childhood asthma. It also acts as a protection shield against bronchial hyper responsiveness.

Maintains cholesterol levels-

Rye is a high fiber cereal which is very essential for people with high cholesterol levels. It tends to maintain the cholesterol level making you healthy and strong from within. Rye is also good for people with high BP problem and helps to fight with other cardio-vascular diseases.

Prevent colon cancer-

As we know, rye is rich in fiber. It tends to bind the toxins or the cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. This protects the cells of the colon from damaging which helps in preventing colon cancer.

Good for hairs-

Rye is a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is a micro-nutrient which boosts the growth of hair. It also prevents from balding and increases the volume of hairs. Magnesium present in rye helps in reducing the chronic stress which is one of the major causes of hair fall.

Rye for skin-

As we know, rye is rich in magnesium. It has various skin benefits too. Magnesium present in rye is capable of detoxifying the epidermis and cleansing the skin. This property acts as a treatment for those areas which are prone of allergies. Magnesium in rye is also effective in reducing the signs of aging like blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Other benefits of rye-

There are various other benefits associated with rye. The consumption of rye helps prevent gallstones. It also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. As rye is a whole grain cereal, it also prevents obesity and promotes weight loss.

These were some of the most common benefits of rye. Rye is a gluten grain. 

So, if you are experiencing a wheat-related condition like celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropatheis, then you should consult a health practitioner before including rye in your regular diet. As rye is rich in fiber, excess consumption of it may lead to gas problems and bloating. 

No doubt Rye is a fabulous whole grain which is great for our over all health and fitness. It is time to replace our regular wheat bread, flakes and pastas with rye breads, flakes and pastas. What are your views on this? Share them via comments section below. 
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