Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Look Naturally Beautiful

How to Look Naturally Beautiful
All are not born with a natural beauty. Naturally beautiful means toning down the flaws, gathering most of your assets and to present well in the society. You must also have a beautiful personality. It differs from person to person.

To look naturally beautiful, follow these simple steps:

Healthy eating: One must eat healthy foods like fresh fruits, fish and vegetables. You can eat other foods but try to lower the intake of sugar, fat and calories. There are some foods which have empty calories. Try to avoid them. Avoid junk foods like chips, pizza, cakes, cookies etc. Never force your body to be thinner than it is. Sudden weight loss will result in sudden weight gain. Thus to look naturally beautiful, you must include vegetables, fruits, proteins and good amount of water.

Drink good amount of water: daily make sure you drink plenty of cool water daily. Water helps to flush toxins from body. It will help you to get natural glow skin. You must avoid drinking tea and coffee. Minimize the intake of alcohol and soft drinks.

Intake fresh air and do regular exercise: both of these will give you healthy glowing skin naturally. Fitness is very important for our bodies do not do too much exercise but daily do it for half an hour.

Exfoliate your skin: once or twice in a week exfoliate your skin. Avoid washing your face with hot water.

Moisturize your skin: Moisturizing will keep your skin soft and beautiful. At night daily moisturize your skin.

How to Look Naturally Beautiful
Take steam: steam is very important for your skin. This helps to reduce scars and acne. Take hot water steam.

Get waxed eyebrows: Correctly pluck your eyebrow. You can even pluck it by your beautician. Try to apply mascara and eye liner.

Have healthy hair: with lukewarm water wash your hairs. Apply hair oil and massage before going to hair wash for shiny hairs naturally.

Brush your teeth regularly: Try to use dental floss and mouth wash regularly as it helps to take fresh breath and clean teeth.

Be confident: try some affirmations and assertiveness training. Be happy always. Try to wear unique dress. You can wear matching earring.

These are some easy tips to look beautiful naturally.

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