Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Make Candles At Home

How to Make Candles At Home
Decorate your house with your own homemade candles with these easy steps. Spreads a lovely smell all over your home! You can make your own choice of candles you can keep or decorate it at our home or gift them!

You will need –

Old jars or containers at your local store it’s not much costly depending on their sizes or go for old jam jars it will also help.

Wax candles from craft store.

Candle wick from art store.

To the wick place over a jar or small rod or skewer.

To heat the wax an old pan.

Scented oils and coloring.

Step- 1:- Setting the wick

To the suitable size of your jar cut the wick. To handle it easily make sure there’s a bit sticking out. Place it across the top of the jar by tying the wick to the skewer or rod. The wick should be at the center of the jar. IF it is moving add some hot glue at the bottom and stick it.

Step-2:- Wax Melting

At low heat melt the wax in the old pan. Add your scent and color if you want once the wax is completely melted. Mix it and let the wax cool before putting it in the jars. Repeat these steps for your own scent and color.

Step- 3:- Pouring the wax

Slowly put the wax into each jar by grabbing the rod or skewer at one place. Don’t fill the jar full an ideal amount 1cm from the rim is right. Let them settle down. If you are operating those jars from one place to another make sure you don’t move it much. Fix the rod properly if it is moved.

Step- 4:- Trimming the wick

Untie the wick from the rod or skewer it will take an overnight to your candles to set. Trim them downward. Leave some space to light or burn the candles. Leave them for a day to set. Then burn them or gift them. It’s easy!

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