Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Lose Weight & Maintain Fintess With Black Tea?

Health Benefits of Black Tea
Black tea is one of the most popular and widely consumed teas across the globe. It is made from leaves of Camellia Sinesis shrub and this shrub is more oxidized than green, oolong and white teas. So black tea has strong flavor than other teas.

The name of black tea can be easily attributed to the dark color and darkness of the tea liquid. Usually black tea is dark orange or dark amber in color. So china black tea is called as a red tea. The cause of concern in black tea is caffeine content.  In 1 cup of black tea there is half amount of caffeine.

Some amazing benefits of black tea are as follow:

Black tea is high in caffeine content. Thus if you drink black tea it helps to kill oral virus and helps to prevent skin from infections  and helps to keep skin blemish free.

Keeping moist tea bags under your eyes helps in reducing puffiness.

Black tea is beneficial in reducing wrinkles and helps to prevent from pre mature ageing and pimples. People who suffer from these skin problems can drink 2 cups of black tea daily to see visible result.

Black tea contains antioxidant which helps to protect your skin against skin cancer.

When black tea is applied on your skin it acts as a sun blocking agent.

Tannins and polyphenols present in black tea speed up the process of skin regeneration.

When black tea is consumed regularly it helps in glow and blemish free skin. Tannins present in black tea help to protect your skin from pollution and fight from bacteria present in your body also improves blood circulation in your body. Black tea helps to protect your skin from skin diseases.

When you drink black tea you will have strong and damage free hair.

Black tea contains caffeine which helps in reducing Dihydro testosterone, the hormone present in your scalp cause hair loss. Drinking black tea helps to increase thickness of hair and reduce hair loss.

Black tea helps to stimulate hair growth when it is consumed at least once in a month. If consumed in excess than it may stunt hair growth.

Black tea is natural dyeing agent and women who have a brown or dark black hair and if they want to get rid of grey hair than wash your hair with black tea. This brings your hair shine and naturally highlights your hair.

So friend, these were some amazing benefits of black tea. Stay tuned in our website for more amazing benefits of black tea.

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