Saturday, May 30, 2015

Best Way To Remove Back Hair

Best Way To Remove Back Hair
We girls are very skeptical for our beauty and skin. No one likes to have those porky hairs on our body. We can simply wax and remove the unwanted hair from our leg and hands. But it is quite difficult to remove the same from our back. I tried to do the same many times but failed, finally last night I successfully removed my back hair. Right at that moment I decided to show you how you can do the same at your home.


These are the common tool which one could think of. But these can be bit messy if your hand does not reach perfectly to your back. 

Try to opt those epilators which comes with attachment. I got one which has a long handle. You can opt for it. It becomes easy with a long handle to remove back hairs.

Hair removal crèmes

I found them best. 

You can simply take out ample amount of crème in your palm. 

Gently rub them on your back, wait for few minutes and simply swipe it with damp towel. 

Use back mirrors to see if any hair left. 

If there any simply repeat the above procedure.


Take it as your last option because you cannot do it alone, you need to ask help from your bff. Well if she is ready to do it, then you can opt for this. But I avoid waxing as it is quite painful for me.

Try these steps but be patient and happy while doing it. I am sure you will get success this time :p :D

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  1. This post is very useful. Now I know how to remove my back hair! Thank for sharing x