Friday, April 24, 2015

Natural Ways To Prevent Itching In Vagina

Natural ways to prevent itching in Vagina
Most of the women undergo this problem and are keen to find a solution to it. Vaginal infections and itching can take a serious form, if ignored for a longer time. It is not wise for a woman to experiment with the medicines as it is a sensitive area. It is also better if woman stop scratching the vaginal area as this will only complex the condition.
The following are the Natural ways to prevent itching in Vagina:

Rinse with Cold Water:
The heat in the private area can create itching. Take cold water and use a cotton or clean cloth to wipe off the vaginal region with it. You can pour the water in the downward direction later on. Do not directly pour the cold water on vagina. Do it slowly and gradually.

Do not wear tight clothes:
The vagina also needs to breathe fresh air. We cover it almost 24 hours with our underwears, thus preventing it from fresh oxygen supply. This will encourage the negative bacteria to grow and cause itching. Thus, remove the tight clothes and sleep without underwears till the situation is under control.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar:
It is said to balance the pH level of the ckin. The acidic nature of Apply Apple Cider Vinegar will kill the yeast and prevent infections. Thus, take one cup of Apply Apple Cider Vinegar and add it to 3 cups of normal water. Stir it well and use this liquid to wash your vagina. Allow your vaginal region to be completely soaked in water for few minutes. You can also add Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath tub and soak yourself in it.

Do no itch:
It is too difficult to be followed during such critical situations. Divert your mind and do not scratch the itch. The more you scratch, the more itching will occur. Ignore it for a while and be patient.

Massage with ice:
Ice has soothing effect on the skin. Do not apply it directly to the skin. Take an ice cube and wrap it in clean cloth. Place it on the lips of your vagina for few minutes. You can also massage it in circular movements. You will be relieved from itchiness for few hours. The result will be instant. Follow this twice a day.

Apply organic yogurt:
Keep the yogurt in refrigerator and allow it to chill. Pour it in a bowl after it is completely chilled. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the yogurt. Apply the yogurt in the external genital areas only. The good bacteria in yogurt will cure the infection.

Avoid sugar:
If the infection is due to yeast formation, it will lead to continuous itching. It is better to stay away from sugar for few days. This will also control the yeast infection.

Say no to sex:
I understand, it could be quite difficult for a couple. It is better to wait till you are completely cured of the infection. The intercourse will add to more itching sensation as the yeast infection will not be under control.

Drink plenty of water:
Yes, drinking 8-10 glasses of water can help you to flush out the yeast infection at a quicker speed The water content will keep you hydrated and will ensure that the toxins are thrown out on a regular basis.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Follow these simple remedies to control the vaginal itching at a temporary level. Do consult your doctor if the symptoms continues and the itching sensations not controlled.


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