Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Things I Love about Renault Lodgy

5 Things I Love about Renault Lodgy
Hey friends, I am quite sure, there are others out there like me who just can't pack in.a compact & Concise way while traveling. Road trips tempt me all the more to pack whatever I can since, there us no restriction on the luggage weight especially, if you own a spacious car like Renault Lodgy.
#1- When I am going on a vacation for say, a week, I have to have at least Ten outfits since, I am crazy for photographs wearing different dresses. I like to carry my whole range of skincare. So, the number 1 Thing that comprises my list of things I like to carry is a suitcase full of my best collection of dresses, accessories, Skincare & Makeup products.

#2- Another thing, I have to carry is a whole lot of shoes with me while travelling. While, "Shoe love" Is "true love". There has to be a separate suitcase for my shoes as I don't want my clothes to smell bad & get spoilt by the dirt. In a regular car, this might sound like a liability but with Renault Lodgy that has a massive boot space of 207 litres expandable to 1861 liters, it is not an issue, at all.

#3- Next on my must haves, while travelling are my gadgets!! First of all, my smart phone, With an active Internet connection and of course, a laptop to watch some movies on the go & to finish off my pending blog work. The all new Reynault lodgy has an inbuilt charger so, that your phone would nevet run out of battery.
5 Things I Love about Renault Lodgy

#4- Now, when you have kids, you have to pack a lot of extra stuff that you otherwise, do not. When we go travelling, we have to carry a stroller for my little neice since; she cannot walk at the moment. For my little nephew, we have to carry, his sports equipments including football. Volley ball and racquet's & His gaming console.

#5- Foods & Drinks are an absolute must as I prefer not to eat out while travelling. The unhygienic methods of preparation at the dhabas & stale food served at fast food joints is something I avoid totally.So, a jumbo sized water camper & Lunch box are another must haves. There we get 30 Litres of storage space around the vehicle.

Last but not the least; you cannot have a perfect vacation without your family members and friends. Renault lodgy has a spacious interior. It can very comfortably seat seven to eight people. The seats are arranged in three rows with enough leg space. The second & Third rows have foldable bench seats so, that you can change seating positions on a long journey. There is climate control in this wonderful car, too to make your journey comfy & Easy.

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