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Natural and Simple Skin Care Tips for Indian Girl - #ComeCloser

Natural and Simple Skin Care Tips for Indian Girl
We all love to look pretty and beautiful. We keep looking at the mirror just to get that perfect look that we have desired for. A perfect skin reflects just only in mirror but also in your confidence.
We all have different body, skin, eyes, nose, hair, lips, and hands and so on. But, we all are beautiful in different ways. We must be able to take good care of the natural gift that we have received. Here are few natural tips to take care of Indian skin:

Know your skin type:

The Indians are blessed when it comes to skin types. There are dry, oily and normal skin types. There are combination skin types as well. Once you find out your skin type, purchase the products accordingly. Remember, all products aren’t meant for all skin types. Thus, cling to your skin type before making purchase or using home remedies. It must be suitable for your skin type.


The first step to your daily beauty regime is cleansing. Take a good face wash or a good cleanses and cleanse your face. Let your face be dirt free. You can go for homemade cleanser as well. Take 1 teaspoon of raw milk. Add a pinch of salt and a drop of fresh lemon juice. Stir it and apply on all your face and neck region. Allow it to dry and slowly rub it off. You can see the white color turning to black. Yes, it it the dirt. Follow this twice a day.


A lot of dead cell gets piled up on the skin. This makes the skin difficult to breathe. Regular exfoliation is the only solution to this problem. Choose a good scrub that is not harsh on the skin. You can also opt for homemade scrub. Sugar and honey can be a great scrub. Apply on the skin and massage it gently. Ensure that your movements are circular such that it is gentle on the skin. Wash it after few minutes of massage.

Moisturize with SPF:

The dry skin needs a lot of nourishment. One has to drink lots of water to keep it hydrated. Apart from that, a moisturizer is a must. We cannot be indoor every time. The air pollutants and dry steals the moisture from the skin pores, making it look more dull and dry. The UV rays of the sun is very harmful to the skin. Choose a moisturizer that has higher content of SPF. It is the sun protection formula. It should be above 20.

Opt for home remedies:

The best way to pamper your skin is to go for home remedies. The cosmetic products are full of chemicals. These chemicals might give you instant results, but will affect your skin in long run. If you have a skin problem, there are home remedies specifically meant to cater to that problem. Do find out apt remedy for it.

Other skin tips:

Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated.
Avoid junk and oily food as they affect the skin texture.
Add fruits and veggies to your diet.
If you have an oily skin, take extra care.
Do not outburst the pimples as they will leave the mark on the skin.
Avoid using too much of chemicals on the skin.
Remove your makeup before retiring for the day.
Do not frequently touch the skin.

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Talking of which i would like to recomend you VICCO Turmeric cream. I have used this cream and i am really happy with the awesome results, i got from this product. Hope this article has been useful to you. These are the simple and basic skin tips that need to be followed every day.  Do let us know if you have other tricks to take care of Indian skin as they are very sensitive and delicate.


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