Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When My 1.5 Year Baby Munches Kellogg's Chocos and Sings His Fav Nursery Rhyme - #khushiKePal

Yummy and Healthy Kellogg's Chocos
The basic principles of parenting are changing now a days. Even play schoolers are so aware these days that you cannot outsmart them. They know all about using gadgets and internet and stuff we could not have imagined as kids.
So, gone are the days when you could preach and dictate your children to follow your instructions in terms of eat, play and food. So, the only way you can bond and monitor your kids behavior is by a friendly parent. This new concept in parenting is called as buddy parenting. You should interact with your child as much as possible to figure out what all experiences he or she has in school and how is your kid's thought process developing. Accept what your child thinks and then try to develop a positive outlook in your child through communication and examples rather than instructions. Your child needs to know the reason behind your "No".

Another parenting technique is positive reinforcement, whenever your child does anything that is right or desirable, you can reward him or her with something. This reward could be tangible or intangible. This could be some money as a prize which also inculcates the right principles of working hard for earning in your kid. You could also reward your child by taking him out for a picnic or praising him or her in front of others. A reward could be something as simple as a bowl of tasty cereal. Kellogg's chocos encourages the concept of buddy parenting and believes in the essence of promoting "khushi ke pal" between parents and kids. To promote kids to confide in their parents as their best of best friends & interact to parents openly. Kellogg's also encourages this concept of "khul jaye bachpan" to promote honest interaction between kids and parents.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as I keep your metabolism active throughout the day. Kellogs chocos are a best choice for morning breakfast as they are nutritious as well as tasty. So, kids can get a good dose of health as well as taste early morning. You can add some fruits like sliced bananas, mango or strawberries or even dry fruit nuts like Almonds and Walnuts in the milk containing kellogs chocos. 

Here are some highlights of the nutritive chart of Kellogs chocos:

It is a source of proteins, high in Calcium, low in fat, source of fibres, high in Vitamin B complex group of vitamins and has no cholesterol.

Key ingredients:

Wheat flour (40%), Sugar, Corn flour, Wheat bran, Choco Crème (5.6% - Sugar, Palm kernel oil, Cocoa solids), Invert sugar, Iodized salt, Cocoa solids(defatted, 0.2%), Colour (INS 150d), Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidant (INS 320)CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR & ADDED FLAVOURS(NATURE-IDENTICAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES-MARSHMALLOW) 

Now, with something as tasty, chocolaty and healthy as that when my toddler eats his bowl of morning cereal, he actually enjoys the meal and keeps singing his favorite nursery rhyme, “hot cross buns”. Through his singing, I get to know about how genuinely amused, he is.

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