Wednesday, August 19, 2015

10 Superb Skin Care and Makeup Tips for Monsoon

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Heya all lovely people!

Enjoying the rain! Yes monsoon comes with life and merry-making. The scorching and the burning sun is no more so hot, the cool breeze and the wet weather gives us the scope to move out and walk in the lane or the market place nearby. But it is essential to take skin care and makeup tips in this monsoon, so that your skin looks perfect and beautiful. I think the most important skin care tips in these rainy months will be to avoid oily and junk food with too much oil. Eating street food or uncovered food from stalls is a big no no, as the monsoon weather causes the growth of pathogens and germs to breed and infect easily. 

Make sure you wash your hands always with hand wash or use sanitizer if water is not available before eating. Apply sunscreen as the UV rays can make your skin go tanned in less time. Use astringent ones I a day to remove extra oil and sweat. Use homemade pack of sandalwood dust, multanimitti and rose water and apply it evenly in your face and neck. Keep it for half an hour, and wash it with cold water. You will find rejuvenated and pampered skin. Drink lots of water. Carry umbrella or raincoat when moving out. Use waterproof and matte finish makeup.

The following 10 superb skincare and makeup tip for monsoon will prove effective:

·        Avoid eating outside and oily stuffs
·        Drink lots of water
·        Eat haldi and honey in the morning
·        Sandal wood and multani pack
·        Carry umbrella
·        Use sunscreen before moving out
·        Drink lots of water
·        Use astringent to get rid of sweat and oil
·        Use gel based body shower wash
·        Wear synthetic or light material clothes which gets dried easily
·        Wear high boots or heels when raining

The above guidance and tips if followed will be very helpful and you will have that perfect skin in this monsoon. Enjoy the season and wear the perfect ,makeup in style to look gorgeous and perfect for in celebration or occasion.


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