Friday, August 21, 2015

Get Airtel 4G Today!

Airtel Logo
Airtel Logo

Hey guys!! 

Are you a beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger , like me? A music lover who wants to upgrade new songs go your playlist ? A school/college student who needs a lot of net surfing to complete his projects on time or a businessman who needs to check on emails frequently or even an MNC employee who has heaps of work to finish on time and deadlines to meet?  Well, one thing we all want an in fact, desperately need in common is a fast internet connection on our mobiles and tablets, right? 
For those of you, who do not already know, there is a good news... Drumrolls!!! People, good times are officially  ahead, now that Airtel has launched it's 4G internet across India covering over 296 cities. While it's competitors are still lurking behind planning to launch their 4G plans at affordable rates, in later parts of 2015 or early months of 2016.

If you crave speed in your internet connection and are frustrated by connections that hang too often making it inconvenient to submit work on time, need not worry!! Those of you who are 3G subscriber already, you can now easily upgrade to 4G internet . All you need is a smart phone/ tablet that is compatible with 4G, a 4G enabled sim card and of course, an active 4G plan. Airtel is providing excellent assistance by providing a 4G sim card, right at your doorstep. Most recently launched phones are 4G enabled. Samsung S6 galaxy, xiaomi mi4i, lenovo K3 note etc to name a few. Many other 4G enabled devices are available for as low as 6000 bucks. As for the rates of 4G, as opposed to the idea that it would really poke a hole in your pocket, airtel is practically offering  4G speeds as the same prices as 3G. Can you beat that?

Airtel 4G sim
Airtel 4G Sim
 You can also get airtel 4G dongles, 4G hotspots, high range modems and Wi-Fi dongles helping you enjoy faster Internet on the go and in a small office setup. To top that all, the Television commercial of Airtel 4G data plans exudes confidence with the company throwing an open challenge that no network in India can beat the speeds of airtel 4G. If it does, airtel offers to pay your mobile bills for a lifetime.

Well, I totally feel, it is worth a shot as you do not need to shell out any extra bucks to try out this super fast internet. I am ordering one right away given that a couple of my friends are using it and going all gaga about the faster movie & song downloads and uninterrupted video streaming. You will now be able to enjoy good internet speeds even while travelling. What are you waiting for? You do not  need more reasons to upgrade your life to 4G and make net surfing fun. Do you? Shoot a request on the official Airtel 4G site, right away and make life easier.

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