Monday, October 5, 2015

My Sis is Chubby like Mc Cain Smiles!

Mc-Cain Smiles
My favourite person of all is my kid sister and she reminds me of Mc Vain Smile's because I am always smiling in her company to say the fact most of the time I am either giggling like idiots or literally laughing till my tummy hurts. She is young, energetic and so full of life. If I were to bring in food here, potatoes are full of energy too, right? Potatoes are often called the king of vegetable world because they are starchy and loaded with carbohydrates and instantly boost up your blood sugar levels. 

Well, my sister is the princess of my heart to say the least. She is cute like the Mc Cain Smile's too. Another similarity being, she appears to be a headstrong, Young lady in the first go but once she starts trusting would get to know how soft hearted she is. Again, just like Mc Cain Smile's which have a crisp and crunchy exterior and are soft, mushy inside. 
Mc Cain smiles are versatile in the sense that they can be eaten alone or stuffed in a Burger/ sandwich. You may take them with tomato sauce or Green chutney or even Salsa sauce as per your preference. So is my sis, she is a great singer, is very studious, likes to party hard but at the same time she can be very homely when she has to be. Last comparison I would like to draw between my sis and Mc Cain Smile's is that both of them are always available when you need them.

You just need to shallow fry the Mc Cain Smile's, something, even a teenager can do. So, if you have those hunger pangs right in the middle of night, just rush to your fridge and grab these. Likewise, if I am feeling sad or anxious even at 2 am at night, I know I can wake her up to talk. So, however, funny it is to compare a person and food, I actually thought about it and found many stuff in common between my sister’s dearest and my favourite evening snack.

P.s: sis you are chubby like Mc Cain smiles, too ;)


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