Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Heal Teeth Cavities at Home Naturally Without Going to a Dentist?

natural way to heal tooth cavity
Hello friends,

Many of you may have cavity in teeth? That would be very painful? Few days back, I too had a teeth problem and pain in my teeth was very bad. I planned to visit to a dentist but soon after easy home remedy by my mom, my pain stopped and now I have painless days. Even I am tension free. 

Tooth decay is major problem in our country. It occurs from foods that contain starches and sugar (carbohydrates).  When we consume food items like pop, milk, cakes, raisins or candy frequently then they usually left on teeth. Bacteria present in our mouth thrive on these foods and produce acids as a result. Over period of long time these acids in mouth keeps on destroying enamel present in tooth and thus tooth decay.

What really cause tooth decay?

Tooth cavity is not majorly caused by food but it is due to following reasons:
  • Lack of enough minerals in your diet
  • Lack of vitamins like A, D, E and K in your diet
  • Intestinal system is not properly absorbing proper nutrition’s.
  • Presence of phytic acid in body
When you have above given vitamins and mineral due to high level of phytates like nuts, seeds, grains and legumes or poor diet then your blood circulation reduces and the ratio of phosphorus and calcium comes down. Thus it causes your teeth and gums week and your teeth will start decaying. 

Food remedies that will help you to heal tooth decay and cavity

To restore the ratio of phosphorus and calcium in blood and to activate mineral which helps to bond our teeth, it’s very important to consume good amount of vitamins and minerals.

To avoid and heal food decay, foods that must consume are:

  • Grass fed organic dairy products like butter, coconut oil, sea foods, bone, grass fed meat.
  • Cooked vegetables

Supplements that can be considered for avoiding tooth decay are as follow:

  • Consume fermented cod liver oil
  • Consume magnesium
  • Consume gelatin
These were few simple things to heal tooth cavity at home. Now what are you waiting for? Go get your pearly white smile back.


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