Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Brides Who Will Get Married This Summer

Mehndi, the ageless beauty! It’s more than just a design, it’s an expression, an experience. No matter how many more decades pass by, us ladies will always get excited hearing about it. And certainly not a very easy one as well, one needs skills to make those intricate designs. Takes up a bit of time, waiting for it to dry but the end result is so gorgeous. It certainly is one of those things which make me look forward to a wedding or a festival.  

So, today I’m going to share with you some beautiful mehndi designs for different occasions. You can certainly get these simple mehndi designs the next time you have a wedding function coming up.
  1. Such an elegant design, simple and chic. Be it a wedding or a festival, you can roc this design very well. Neither too much nor too little; this mehndi design is perfect for girls who don’t like very heavy designs.  This design is mainly done over the index finger. It is also very simple so you could probably make it on your own.
  1. Perfect if you’re attending a friend’s engagement party or a wedding sangeet, this mehndi design is very simple. It can easily be done by yourself to draw attention to your hands. This unusual design will definitely make your mehndi stand out. This can especially be worn by girls who don’t like very heavy designs.

  1. You can go old school with this breathtakingly beautiful mehndi design. Just perfect for girls who love mehndi and can’t bear to leave any part of their palms plain. You can flaunt this gorgeous design at a friend’s wedding. I can’t say it’s a very simple design, so it’ll be better if you get it done by a professional.
  1. Up your mehandi game by getting yourself a white henna design. For those of you who don’t know, white henna is nothing but a white adhesive paste which is then filled into cones and made designs with. Then it is sealed in place with glitter dust or gliding powder. Once the design dries completely, it becomes waterproof and somewhat durable. It will last you from three to ten days.  So, perfect for girls who have to go back to work and don’t want their mehndi to last a long time.

  1. From what I know, mehndi lovers shouldn’t just stop at the hands. You can use this amazing art to beautify your feet as well. Light mehndi designs on your feet will not interfere with your style and beautifully blend with your footwear and outfit. A simple and clutter free design like so will be perfect for a wedding.


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