Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Australian Adventure I Cannot Forget


Hey all; 

I have been a really sincere student all my life and soon after my Graduation; I joined a job to gain some experience. I switched 3 jobs within 4 years and life just got trapped between a 9 to 6 frame. Towards, the end of last year; I got married and finally; decided to give my work a brief break and enjoy life. A marriage is a major paradigm shift in any girl's life. The anxiety about adjusting with new family members, adopting a new lifestyle does take a toll on you mentally besides the all the buzz that surrounds your wedding day is tiring, too!! Luckily, before I started my journey as the new daughter in law of the home; I got to spend some quality time with my husband on a vacation in Australia that spread over a span of 7 days.

The morning following our wedding, we flew to Gold Coast, Australia. We had to board our flight from Indira Gandhi international Airport, Terminal 3. We flew by Singapore Airlines . The journey was a 6 hours stretch with nearly 2 hours halt at Singapore and then a connecting flight to Gold coast that took nearly 8 hours to reach at the destination. So, the halt was not too painful as we just had a meal, stretched a bit and the time got passed. Okay, so, we reached Gold Coast at around 8 in the morning and were picked up by a cab which dropped us to our hotel called “ The Grand Chancellor” at the Surfers paradise. The first day, was free with no particular itinerary to follow,so, after resting for a couple of hours, we went out to explore the beautiful city of Brisbane on foot. Around end of November, the weather was mighty fine with it being the starting of summers in Australia. 

We explored some local shops, shortlisted a few gift options for the folks back home and enjoyed some snacks and coffee at Starbucks. Thereafter, we walked towards the beach. The sea beach at Brisbane offered a breath taking beautiful view at night. Crystal White waves gushing towards you at a maddening speed with a utterly romantic, moonlit sky. I still get goosebumps when I think of the stupendous beauty of nature I witnessed. 

The second day, our cab came by to pick us for the sea world. Sea World at Brisbane is all about aquatic life with a couple of rides which was fun. The third day, we went to the Movie World by Warner Brothers. The place was magnificent with some fabulous roller coasters, candy shops, a 4D movie theater, coffee shops, gift shops, road- shows…. Literally, what all and what not !! Me and my husband thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was really liberating to feel like a kid, all over again!

The fourth day, we flew to Sydney via Virgin airlines. We stayed at a lodge and during our 3 day stay at the buzzing city of Sydney, we did a lot of shopping.We went for a city tour and also enjoyed ourselves at the Darling Harbour, visited Madame Tussauds wax museum and an aquarium. The Beautiful vacation came to an end when we finally headed back home through the same route. 

Singapore airlines is a very nice airlines for international travel due to the levels of hygiene they maintain, the quality and quantity of food served, in-flight facilities and the very courteous staff. 


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