Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 best bedroom ceiling designs

Bedroom ceiling design
We all love to live in stylish way. For our home we choose best furniture and interior design. When we need to decide about bedroom design we give important to bed, walls and wardrobe and over their one thing skip from mind that’s bedroom’s ceiling. To complete theme of bedroom it’s very important to have good ceiling design. It can give inimitable and unique character to the room which leaves wonderful impression on the people who come in that room.

Bedroom ceiling design can be peaceful and calm. When you lay down on your bed you need to get a smooth and peaceful design. This will make you feel calm and relaxed.

In today’s post will share with you 5 best bedroom ceiling designs. Have a look at the 5 selected best designs and get inspired.

The classic design
This is 1st design on my list which is very classic design. This is a simple and plain design which never goes out of era. It adds a luxurious and classic effect to the environment of the bedroom. This design has an old style 2 faced fans with a light. In this design there are 2 wall mounted lights.

The wooden beam ceiling design
You would love this lumber wooden beams ceiling designs. This is rural house design. If you have stylish old style bedroom with antique decorative pieces and furniture then this amazing design will add 4 moons to your theme.

The maharaja style ceiling design
This is my favorite and lovely design in among my list. This design adds royal and dramatic effect to the room. Look there is combination used is white and black. You can paint your wall according to your choice. You can go for olive and maroon that will also look great.

The modern glossy ceiling design
This is unique design that will make everyone go crazy for it. The glossy design works wonderful with the modern style interior of your bedroom. Glossy ceiling designs will make your room look larger and spacious.

French style romantic design
This is really lovely design. The theme is taken from French renaissance townhouse that has whitewashed ceiling with elegant and light floral designs on it. This design is curved in shape which makes your room look more beautiful and romantic.

I hope you all loved top 5 best ceiling design. Do comment if you have some other design on your mind.

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