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Best Off-Road Trips in India

Best Off-Road Trips in India
Best Off-Road Trips in India
Monsoon is the best time  to rediscover the joy of off-roading in and round the town of Kolhapur. The city's automobile lovers bring out their jeeps, that are best for off-roading, to create new roads' throughout the season of monsoon.

In an off-roading session, a driver takes his vehicle to places that are largely unapproachable otherwise. The driving skills and confidence of drivers are tested during this thrilling sport.

Such events are primarily organized throughout August and Sep, by city-based sport academies and clubs. Cross-country drivers from Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Pune and Belgaum are more and more taking part in such events.

Even individual teams, comprising of many Kolhapuris, host off-roading sessions throughout the weekends. Off-roading since the last four years, has full-grown to be one amongst our favorite weekend adventures throughout this season. Anyone will drive on simple roads but, only cross-country tracks challenge your driving skills and provides you an exciting expertise.

Though off-roading provides one a unique high, the vehicles ought to be in correct order before one sets out for this adrenaline rush activity. Your machine ought to be maintained properly and one must always attempt to move into a gaggle. And yes, confidence is the key to face the rugged terrains throughout off-roading.

The most tough tracks in and round the town embrace Masai Pathar, Kalammawadi, Sarnobatwadi, Katyayni,  Rangna, Dajipur, Jaysingpur, and Udgiri in Shahuwadi. Cross-country drivers forever select a rough parcel of land that has streams, puddles and rocks close.

So, if you are an adventure love, then your must try off-roading in monsoon!!

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