Friday, June 6, 2014

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Lime Juice For You

Lime is green in color and is a citrus juice. Lime is round in shape and of about 3 to 6 cm in diameter. You will get sense awakening and very fresh feeling when you squeeze fresh lime. Limeade or lime juice is made from lime and water and I must say it is really refreshing and tasty drink.

I simply love it. Do you know it is also good for health? Lime is used to add flavor to various foods and drinks but very few people know that they are good source of Vitamin C, This vitamin is good for your health.

Now I will share with you benefits of Lime juice. Read this post to know more on this.

Lime juice contains more critic acid than orange juice or grapefruit juice. Lime juice helps in improving kidney stones. In kidney stones are formed by calcium which is in crystal form. If you drink lime juice daily then can prevent yourself from kidney stones.

You can lower your cholesterol by drinking lime juice. Lime contains flavonoids which are very essential in lowering the cholesterol level in your body.

Lime juice helps in lowering blood pressure.

One can prevent blood cancer, stomach cancer and colon by lime juice.

You can burn your fat by drinking lime juice. This will help in maintain fitness and losing weight. In lime juice instead of sugar add honey. Drink glass of lime juice daily morning in empty stomach to see good result.

Your digestion problem can be solved by drinking lime juice. It acts as natural home remedy for upset stomach.

If you drink lime juice daily then this will help in purifying your liver.

Lime juice with sweetener is good for your health.

Magnesium present in lime juice helps to maintain good health of hearth which calcium present in lime juice helps to prevent rickets.

Lime juice contains good amount of potassium which helps in fighting depression, anxiety and fogginess.

Lime juice is very good for women’s health. Fresh lime contains lots of calcium and folate which are 2 important nutrients for women who are pregnant and women’s post menoposausal time.

Calcium and potassium present in lime helps to boost your memory. The electrical transmission present in your nervous system and brain works smoothly. Thus helps to make your mind stronger and sharper.

Include Lime juice in your diet and stay fit and healthy.  


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