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Are Pinto Beans Really Healthy

Health Benefits of Pinto Beans
Pinto beans are beans that are strewn with scattered reddish brown color and have a beige background. Pinto beans have mottled skin, even they are known as mottled beans. They look like painted works. This was the reason why these beans are known as pinto beans, as Pinto means ‘painted’ in Spanish language.
But this color of beans appears only till you cook them. When these beans are cooked, the color of beans disappears and these beans turn pinkish brown in color, along with a creamy texture in it.

Pinto beans are known as a highly nutritious food. They are enriched with various vitamins, iron, fiber, minerals and proteins. Therefore, there are many skin, health and hair benefits from pinto beans. Some of the most common benefits of pinto beans are as follows:


Pinto beans are very rich in insoluble fibers. These fibers help to prevent from constipation. There is various other digestive problems s like bowel syndrome and diverticulosis which can also be preventing by regularly consuming pinto beans. 
Lowering Cholesterol:

Like all other beans, these beans are also rich in fibers. The fiber present in beans helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and also helps to maintain the proper level of them. This helps in maintaining the good health of your heart and acts as a shield against heart diseases.

Blood Sugar:

As we know, the pinto beans are good source of fibers; they also help to restrain your blood sugar level from rising after a meal rapidly. It not only helps in controlling the blood sugar levels but also provides consistent energy to your body. 

Hair Fall:

Pinto beans also help in preventing hair fall. They are rich in potassium. Lack of potassium in body is one of the major reasons behind the problem of hair fall. So include pinto beans in your diet daily. This will help in preventing from the problem of hair fall.

Health Benefits of Pinto Beans

Dry Skin Problems:

These beans can help you in preventing from the many dry skin problems. Lack of vitamin B in body may cause many dry skin problems like irritation, redness, pigmentation, dermatitis and scaliness. Pinto beans are rich in vitamin B which helps preventing from skin problems.

Other health benefits:

There are several other health benefits which are associated with pinto beans. The vitamin B content in these beans is very helpful in energy production in your body. They play amazing and important role in proper brain cell. They contain irons which are very good for pregnant ladies, lactating women, growing children and adolescents in order to stay healthy and fit.

These were several benefits of pinto beans. So it is also advised that people who are suffering from the problem of gout and kidney stones and gout avoid eating pinto beans. Purine content in pinto beans could cause health related problems or to other people who are sensitive to purines.

If you want to cook pinto beans, try to pre-soak them in water for eight hours before cooking. In this way, these beans can be cooked very easily and faster. You can also boil them for 2 minutes and let them stand for 2 hours, before cooking them. 

It is very important that you seek for the small stones and damaged-beans amongst the pinto beans before cooking them. Try to clean the beans very properly before cooking. 

No doubt, pinto beans are great for our health, skin and hairs. But excessive of everything is bad. Therefore, it is advised that to consume pinto beans in a moderate amount in order to take maximum benefits from these beans. You can also consult your dietician for the same.

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