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3 Ways to Tone Your Abs With Dumbells

Dumbbell exercises for abs
Dumbbells are commonly used for arm exercises routines. Very few people know that dumbbells can also be used for building strong abs. Yes, you can exercise using dumbbells in order to build strong abs muscles. In this post, you will get to know the various dumbbell exercises for abs.

Dumbbells for Abs Twist

It is simple twist and punch routine exercise that is done using dumbbells. This exercise will help you work out your entire abs sheet and oblique muscles. Maintaining a proper form is very important in this exercise. Therefore, it is advised that you choose a right weight dumbbell which you can lift properly. This exercise also benefits your arm muscles and fists. 

Dumbbell exercises for abs

Steps to perform this exercise:

Hold your dumbbells tightly in both hands at your shoulders.

Stand tall and straight.

Punch straight with one hand, while keeping your other hand at your shoulder. Slightly twist your upper body as you punch.

Hold the position for 2 seconds.

Now repeat the same with other arm.

Repeat this exercise for at least 10-20 times with each arm to reap maximum benefits.

Crunches with Dumbbells

Crunches using dumbbells is best known to make your abdominal muscles strong and help you adjust the extra weight of your body. This is a very strong and effective exercise that requires a lot of strength and potential. Crunches are a full body work-out exercise that helps to bring your upper body back in shape. This is a best exercise for men who desire to have six-pack abs. 

Dumbbell exercises for abs

Steps to perform this exercise:

Lay down on an exercising mat or a bench.
Hold a single dumbbell using your both hands making it touch your chest.

Slightly raise your upper body from the surface.

Now stretch your arms towards the ceiling.

Now gradually lower your body making it touch back to the surface.

Bring back your hands to your chest.

Repeat this for 15-20 times.

Leg Raises with Dumbbells

Leg raises are commonly performed without dumbbells. It is done to work out the lower abs. By adding dumbbells to the leg raises exercise, the impact of this simple leg raises exercise can be increased. It helps making your lower abs muscles grow stronger. This is a very simple exercise which will not only benefit your abs, with it will also help in strengthening your ligaments and ankles.

Dumbbell exercises for abs

Steps to perform this exercise:

Sit down comfortably on an exercising mat on floor.

Place one dumbbell in between your ankles or feet. 

Grip it tightly.

Now lay down flat on back on the floor.

Slowly raise your legs towards the ceiling making a slanting line.

Now bring your legs back on floor.

Repeat this twice or thrice.

Rest for 5 seconds and raise your legs again. This time, raise them until they are perpendicular to the ground. 

Hold the position for 2-3 seconds and bring your legs back on floor
Repeat this from 12-20 times per set.

These were the three dumbbell exercise for abs. You can perform these exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and body strength. These dumbbell exercises are amongst the most trusted and proved exercises that have helped numerous people. You don’t require any special machinery or set-up to perform these exercises. All you need to have is a set of good dumbbell which has an apt weight. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t opt for a really-heavy dumbbell, as that would result in stretched muscles, raptures, fractures or even worse. 

Hope you find this article informative. Feel free to share your views via comments section below. 
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