Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to reduce Breast Size With Exercise

Exercises to reduce Breast Size
In social circle, your extra large boobs make you embarrassment? You can’t wear a tank top as you have a large cup sizes this make you feel low? If you are thinking, that exercise can reduce the size of your breast than it’s not true. But if you have little weight above normal then regular workout can help you in reducing your bust size along with your overall body weight.

Our breasts are made up of 80% of fat. Thus from your body if fat level is reduced than your breast size may decrease. These breast exercises also help you in enhancing your cups. Regular workout will tighten the chest muscles and helps to make your breast look in perfect shape.

Here are ways to reduce breast size.


Stand with your legs apart and with light weight start this exercise. With your both hands carry the weights. Slowly raise your hands above your head. As much as possible you can stretch your hands. For a moment hold and then very slowly bring your hands done.

Chest press

Lie in a flat position on a bench. Keep your leg in a straight position. With your hand hold the weight and at 90 degree bend your elbows. Hold this position for few seconds. Later come back to normal position.

Chest fly

Lie straight on a bench and keep your feet on ground touching. With your palm hold weight and lift your hands slowly up. After few seconds, lower your hands. Above your chest for few seconds hold your hands and slowly lower your hands. At the shoulder level stop you’re slowly out the weight down.  For 3 to 5 times repeat this exercise.

Toning fit

On your tummy lie down and bend your elbows. Let your forehead rest on the floor and slowly raise your head and body. Bend backwards and arch your spinal cord. You need to pull the muscles of your stomach from the floor. Come back to normal position normal.

Bent knee push up

On your stomach lie down below your shoulder put your hands. Behind your body bend your lower legs and keep the angles crossed. Press your body upward and slowly bend your lower and arms towards the ground. Your body back presses your back. For 10 to 15 times repeat this exercise.

Cardio exercise

In cardio exercises include jogging, running, cycling etc. You can do this exercise for 20 minutes. This will help to reduce body fat and fat around your bust area.

Palm tree pose (Tadasana)

Stand up and keep your feet apart. Above your head raise your hands. Keep your fingers interlocked. Towards ceiling press your palm. Stretch your elbows completely. Raise your heels and lift your ribcage. Later come back to toes.

These exercises are very beneficial as they help to reduce bust area and keep your chest muscles toned.

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