Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tips and Techniques to Remove Under Arms Hair

Techniques to remove under arms hair
Many of you follow several techniques to remove your under arms hair like waxing, hair removing creams, shaving etc.  
In this article will share with you all few tips to remove hairs from under arms which will give you smooth and clear skin for underarms.


Shaving is very easiest technique to remove hairs. 

First take hot shower and then take towel and dip in warm water and clean under arms. 

Take soap or shampoo and lather your arm pits. Warm water is used as it will quickly soften your arm pits.

High up, lift your hands so that your skin will be stretched. Take razor for girls and shave lowly in downward or side motion.

Once one arm is finished, clean your razor and follow same steps with another arm.

Once both arms are done, take pure virgin olive oil or your favorite cream massage under arms. 

For soft underarms, daily night massage your under arms.


It is very effective way to remove hairs.

I use Ayur cold wax for waxing.

Take cotton and in plain water dip it and clean the underarms.

Take talc or baby powder and spread on your underarms.

Take out wax with a spatula. 

At downward position apply wax on underarms.

Take wax strips and in opposite direction of hair growth ouch it. Immediately press your underarms with hands.

Once waxing is done. Take cotton ball and dip in water and clean your arms nicely. Take massage cream or olive oil and massage that area.

Hair removing cream

This is easiest and simplest way to remove hairs but sometimes may burn your skin. So always do patch test before using hair removing cream. 

With cotton soft ball clean your arms. With spatula apply this cream. 

After some time with warm towel clean your arms.

Apply olive oil or moisturizer at your under arms. 

Even many people do laser treatment. But I never did. Will surely let you know more about this. Always consult dermatologist before going under treatment as it has many side effects.

I hope these simple tips and techniques to remove under arms hairs are easy.

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