Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How To Get the Neon Trend Right

How To Get the Neon Trend Right
Bold yet trendy, loud yet vibrant, rebellious yet feminine, florescent neons have made very famous this season on streets and runways alike. These bright and vibrant neon color is very where in form of funky accessories, make up and in cloths. These popping neon colors have instantly added fresh vibe. If you wear a little extra neon color than you will have the entire eye on you.

If you are little shy for choosing colors than neon color is not met for you.  It’s all about right styling and elements which may make your personality more visible.

Here are few tips to help you to choose right neon wear, accessories into your wardrobe.

How to choose a right neon color?

In any fashion magazine, the hot pink dress might look amazing on the model but it may not complement you at all. Never be blinded by trends, you must be honest to yourself while choosing perfect color that match your personality and skin tone. 

Try out several colors to look which neon color is best for you. E.g. orange might emphasize the highlight of your hair or shade of blue color may light up your eyes. If you have a pale or shallow or light complexion then you must avoid acid yellows. Blue or pink might look perfect on all skin tones.

If you are shy to buy entire group in neon than you may start buying apparel add on or apparel. E.g. you can try nailing paint or neon scarf to know which naughty color may suit your face.

How to wear neon colors?

How To Get the Neon Trend Right

If you want to wear a neon color than you must know which color strikes you? You can pair neon color with neutral shade or black shades which will balance the bright and bold hues.

You must not pair 2 neon colors together which make your combination odd. But you can choose right neon color to make it solid match like lime green can be teamed up with electric blue for summery and funky look. 

One must not use 3 neon colors at a time. 

If you want to choose neon dress than you can go for classic fit like sheath or shift dresses as these dresses may look great on you. 

You can pair these black pumps or nude color together as this will look complete on you. 

Under your black dress you can wear neon sandals which will look elegant and safe. In fact will make you bit healthy and will highlight your flaws. You can make your look more flawless by wearing matching bright lipstick. You can even go for nudes and peach lipstick.

While neon hues and very popular and trendy but for every occasion they don’t fit.  For very formal events or interview, you must not wear neon cloths.

What accessories I can wear with neon colors?

It is an easy way to jazz up look whenever you wish to wear neon colors. Never experiment too much with the outfit. You can pair your dress or sari with neon necklace or earring when you go for black or white color cloths. This will transform you from classic to trendy.

Planning to wear neutral colored dress? Than you can go for, bright colored belt with stylish bright sunglasses.

Bags and shoes will complete and compliment your look. So you can pair them with neutral colored outfit.

There are several other ways to wear neon but there are no fixed guidelines or rules to make them trendier. The most important thing is to be confident on what you are wearing. So friends, be trendy with these hot and sexy neon colors.

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