Thursday, October 2, 2014

Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Best makeup tips for beginners

Many girls just begin the use of makeup, for beginners it actually best thing as they look for tips. Well girl, I was too once and still now beginner.

Here in this post I have compiled all my knowledge about use of makeup into 18 best makeup tips for beginners. So babes ready to get started? 

Think about your complexion

The very first makeup tips for a beginner is your complexion. You must be aware that what you wish to hide. You must know that what your exact completion is, so that can choose perfect moisturizer and makeup.


This is best and 2nd makeup tips for beginner. To choose proper moisturizer, you must know about your complexion and your skin type. Once you know about them, you can pick ideal moisturizer for you.


Primer is very useful in doing your makeup as it helps to maintain skin’s condition. Using primer will make you look fresh and stay perfect whole day. 

Choose your shade

Choosing right shade of makeup product like foundation is very important. Improper shade of foundation may make you look darker or money. You must not have any lines while putting your foundation. 

Liquid Vs. Powder

Beginners do not have idea to choose between foundations or blush. Is cream or powder better? Well girls it’s all about your preference.  Personally I love liquid foundation. As it smoothly spread on my cheeks and there are no visible lines.


For beginner like you bronzer might seem a little scary, but for you I will suggest to have a correct shade and use very little. If you want, summer glow makeup than bronzer is best for you. Just touch bronzer on your forehead, cheeks and little bit in nose to brighten your features.


A newbie like you will feel like blush is super scary. Girls, just remember apply right shade of blush that fits your skin tone and at beginning never put tone of blush. 


When I do makeup, mascara is one of my favorite and I love to try several brands! I love Maybelline, as this mascara lasts forever and its best for lengthening.


Many girls love to apply eyeliner as it enhances their eyes. Before applying eyeliner you must choose among the dropped wing look, the cat eye look or the winged look. You must also choose color of eyeliner which can suit you. 

Play with your eye color

There are many ways to play with your eyes. This beginner makeup tip is all about using mascara, eyeliner and some eyeshadow. As I have brown eyes so for me plums work best.


I love to use lipstick and love my lips as it attracts my hubby. I have shades of lipsticks. Lipsticks are used to highlight your lips with fullness. Try few shades before buying lipstick.

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is not my kind. Lip gloss will make your lips glow and you can find tinted color. The girls who are not fan of lipstick than lip gloss suits them. You just need to choose among different lip gloss shades.

Don’t forget your neck

Many of the girls for get to apply makeup products on their neck. If you are applying primer or foundation never forget to apply on your neck. You must blend makeup of face and neck nicely so that no one can identify that you applied makeup. 

Finishing Powder

Primer is applied before makeup so that makeup lasts for whole day but it’s very important to finish your makeup with powder. Powder helps to kick off that shine from your face. 


When we speak about makeup tips for beginners, then it means using best makeup brand and using correct shade of makeup products.  I love to apply shimmer eyeshadow that too in golden brownish shade. 

Matte or Shiny

Girls must not only think about shimmer makeup but should also decide between matte or shiny makeup. Whether you want to use matte lipstick or shiny gloss, it all depends on your choice and mood.


Beginners you must also take care of your eyebrows as well. Shape and highlight your eyebrows so that it may pop your eyes. You can use eyebrow pencil to define your eyebrows and darken eyebrows absolutely look beautiful.

Lip Liner

Finally if you wearing lipstick than before applying them you must line up your lips with the help of lip liner. This will not only give perfect shape to your pips but also keeps your lipstick from bleeding.

Girls, these are 18 best makeup tips for beginners that will really help you all. So what are you waiting for? Apply makeup and share your views.

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