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Striking 12 Festive Makeup looks for Christmas

Festive Makeup looks for Christmas
In this festive season, we all are very stressful but we need to take care of our hair, skin and makeup thus we need to look amazing in party. Here are 12 striking looks to make you dazzling instantly.

Christmas Festive tips 1: Shimmer

We all love tinsel on our Christmas trees and around our homes we hang strings of lights. By this beautiful decoration everything looks so glowing. Same way we need to highlight our makeup too. To look shimmery, you need to sweep a glittering powder below your brow bone, over your cheekbones and at inner corner of your eyes. If you have a light skin than you can go for pink based highlighter, While if you have medium to dark skin then go for golden tones.

Christmas festive tips 2: Brows

Brows act as a frame to your face so you just need to groom them, which include filling in bare spots and combing hairs which will give you an amazing look. You can try brow grooming kits like Tarte the Tools which contains stencils, mini tweezers, brow powder, a mirror, brow pencil, powder, brow brush and wax to complete your touch up.

 Christmas Festive Tips 3: French Manicure

We all love trimmed and well groomed nails right? So French manicure is best option where you can decorate your nails from white and pink colors. You can get the same effect but with a little extra twinkle which goes well with your gesture.

Christmas festive tip 4: Pretty Ponytail

You all love to have ponytail hairstyle. Do you know you can have same ponytail in this Christmas festive too? Very famous expert stylist, Nexxus from very famous Roy Teeluck located in New York City recommends to tease your hair at the crown for more volume. You can pull a strand of your hair from your ponytail to give beautiful finishing touch.

Christmas Festive Tip 5: Eyeliner

You can apply black liner around your top lid to make your eyes look elegant. Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Alice keys and many other celebrities use liquid eyeliner or gel liner to give beautiful and gorgeous look. You can buy MAC Eye Shadow in Bisque, you can apply pinky beige shade on your rest of the lid.

Christmas Festive tip 6: Lipstick

Chocolate is very yummiest treat of this festive season. In this Christmas season you can apply red lipstick. 

Christmas Festive Tip: 7: Change your part

If you part your hair to right then this time you part to left. Or you can part to middle. If you change your part it will give you different look.

Christmas Festive Tip 8: Blush

When it comes to Christmas party then you can negotiate from blush. You can mix your blush color to give amazing shade. Orelse you can go for paler shade in your compact and darker shade, when you tweak it to up.

Christmas Festive Tip 9: Have short hair

You can style your short hair glamorously like your long hair but in half time. 

Christmas Festive Tip 10: Eye Shadow

You can go for basic gray shadow with a green, golden and purple fleck. If you think these shades overboard then you can use makeup sponge to soften your look.

Christmas Festive tip 11: Burgundy Nails

To give instant drama to your look then opt burgundy nails. This shade looks richer than red shade. Burgundy is modern shade and never goes out of the style. 

Christmas Festive Tip 12: Lip Gloss

Many of us love shiny lips, but this Christmas goes for pink, peach and coral shade with little shimmer. With this lip gloss you can go for smoky eyes.

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