Friday, November 21, 2014

Top 12 Latest Fashion Tips for Desi Women

Latest Fashion Tips for Desi Women
The desi world is undoubtedly a culture full of beauty and charisma. Pakistani Desi women are naturally beautiful and they also know how to wear the most bright and attractive dresses.

We feel where they lack sometimes is their grasp of the latest fashion trends in Pakistan. But fret no more, as we are here to share some of the latest desi fashion tips with the desi in you:  

The first and most important tip is to understand your body better. 

You should have a clear idea of what fits you, what looks good on you regardless of what other people think about your look. It is the inner feeling which brings fashion and style in your character.

If you are a heavy women don’t wear dresses that fit tightly to your top portions.

Go for high heel shoes as they will look nice with Desi outfits, and make you look smarter and taller.

Tie you hair in a high pony style to add more charm to your personality.

Choose long earrings. This will not only highlight your looks but will also make you appear slimmer.

Make sure your skin can breathe while you sleep and the only way you can do this is by removing all the makeup with a good quality cleanser so as to sleep makeup free.

Make your skin look fresher by refrigerating your face mask and face scrub before use.

If you wear jeans, make yourself very clear that you wear according to your size; otherwise it may look very silly.

If you are a short women try to wear dark colors, it will make you took taller and more fashionable. If you want to wear short shirts try wearing shirts which have 2 different colors in them.

Try to wear short length jacket on your shirt if you are wearing jeans it will look stylish and is a good fashion tip for short heighted women.
V-shaped dresses look better on women who have heavy top, and a necklace along with it will include more charm in your character.
If your figure is rectangular, try to wear fabric that sticks to your body .Doing so will make your upper body appear fuller, beautifying your overall personality. If you are a pear shaped women, try to stitch your trousers more than the average length, it will make you look slimmer.

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