Monday, November 24, 2014

Striking Eight Christmas-Party Fashion Tips

Eight Christmas-party fashion tips 
We all are very worried about getting everything right this year. Well don’t worry. Everyone from Nicole Richie to Alexa Chung has perfected their party look and looks how nicely they had uploaded the results.

The full skirted dress is now in and it’s very classic.

Do you remember that tight bodice with a full length skirt? This is very party friendly dress. At Emmy awards, lena Dunham worn floor length floral number.  Even lily Allen has worn prom dress in 2006. You can wear your dress with a swooshy skirt which will give you a party feeling.

Animal Print dress always wins

We all love to shop online. Many people wear black dress to look flat but black is very outdated now a day. When you click photo colorful dress photos look more graceful and cheerful than black dress by all. You can go for animal print dress this winter. You can buy bold animal print dress or sweatshirt like Mary Charteris.

White is very warmest colour

White dress will make you feel icy, snowy and magisterially. You can buy cute white dress or full gown in white color. White dress resembles well healed lifestyles. You can have a look at Alexa Chung party dress for the reference.

Eight Christmas-party fashion tips 

Cut outs are power play

December will start in another 1 week but its truth that fashion doesn’t have seasonal practice. Below your bust you can have hi riff strip of flesh. You can have a look at Nicole Richie. You can wear fluffy knit and high waisted PVC skirt. 

Tailoring is very chic option

Instead of buying new dress, you can go to your favorite tailor and get your dress stitched. You can add frill and bows to your party dress.

Headpiece is in 

You are dressing for party and that too Christmas party. You can have classic santa hat or cat ears. 

You should have great coat

If you are a host or a party attainder, you must dress awesome. Being winter, you have coat with your outfit to make your outfit looks better.

 Hair is important

You can wear anything this Christmas of your choice, but if you got a big hair then you can have a cute hairstyle or have a simple blow dry. Never ignore your hairs.

These are some amazing Christmas party tips. Hope you all love reading them.

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