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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas decoration ideas
Oh yes friends! It’s that time of the year again; Christmas is round the corner with happiness blossoming on every quarter of every city around the world!
With Christmas comes the inevitable excitement of not only giving gifts to our loved ones to be cherished (with the obvious Garb of Santa Claus revamped again for the season!) but also of giving a gift to the house we live in too, to decorate its nook and corners with any and every outrageous decorations that one could get hold of! And yet, all’s well since it’s the happiest time of the year again.
One of the most important decorations during any Christmas preparation is the Big, illuminated Christmas tree apart from the many other extravagant frivolities that we engage in during this time. So, I came up with certain inexpensive and yet amazing ideas to decorate your Christmas home this time around…Some decorations for book lovers while some for children and etc.

So if you’re looking for something different to do this Christmas, then read on and I hope you do enjoy them.

All Wrapped Up 

Materials Required:

Take black boxes painted in white color or white boxes
Red ribbons
A pair of scissors
Pink ribbons

How to?

This is a great hit whether you have a home strewing with children or no, since we all love getting gifts, especially on the Christmas morning! So why not, just pack all of those gifts brought into white boxes wrapped with colored ribbons around the base of that very great Christmas tree? Usually, red or pink ribbons look great! 

A not-so-icy Snowman

Well, are you from one of those places which do not snow during the winter and thus are thwarted in your perfect Christmas decorations by not having a snow man right outside your home? Well, no worries do you need have now…because I am here to save the day here for you,Ta da! A front door snowman or even a refrigerator snowman (looks best when your refrigerator is white!).

Materials Required:

Orange or red glazed paper for nose
Black glazed paper or buttons for eyes
A white chart paper for scarf
A pair of scissors
Some Sketch pens
A bowl of the size you want for the nose and eyes 

How to?

Cut up two eyes, some smaller sized buttons from the black glazed paper; a bigger sized nose from the orange paper and glue them accordingly on your fridge or the front door. Finally, decorate a chart paper cut up in the size of a scarf whose length should be equal to the breadth of the door and decorate it with felt pens before gluing that too and voila! Your snowman without a vestige of snow is ready!!!

In a glass container place a fairy light of any shape or size add some instant Christmas magic to the home.

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things bright and wonderful
The Good God made them All…
Now, the flavor of any Christmas is…Guess? Well, Lights of course! 

Materials Required:

Blue certain
Yellow lights
Some glass bottles

How to? 

This now is really simple! Just put some of the lights in a bottle and keep them decorated on shelves powered from some source nearby…

A Booky Christmas tree indeed!!

For all the book lovers out there (like me!) who love anything bookish, here is a perfect treat for you! I call it the Booky Christmas tree! 

Materials Required:

LED lights
Around 80 to 100 books depending on the size of tree you are planning for.

Place the heaviest and bulky books at the bottom making a circle and once it’s done, pile the next layer on books on top between the cleft left between two books…and thus you go around all the way to the top! Decorate it with LED lights and there, on the Christmas night you have your very own delightful booky tree! :D

Waterless Snow Globes

Materials Required:

Artificial snow
Glass jars
Decorative snowmen
An array of small Christmas trees
Glitter (optional)
Spray Adhesive (optional)
White spray paint or Krylon glitter blast

How to?

Uncover the lids from the bottles and spray silvery paint on them. Now, glue the snowmen and trees to the lids as well as the canning lids.

Now, fill the jars with a little artificial snow and put the lids right back on.
Now, just turn over and watch the snow show!!!! 

Christmas decoration ideas

Foody Christmas tree

Now, I am sure like me there will inevitably be a lot of foodies who just like to keep munching day and night! Well, not to worry Folks; because I got just the thing for you guys…

Yummy, right???

Now, let’s see the ingredients before we start doodling any further!

Materials Required (or rather Food articles needed..:P)

A carrot
An apple with the rounded side cut bit to rest securely on a plate
Pick your favorite fruit

How to?

Remove the middle portion from the apple the size of the carrot you’re using. Insert the carrot into the apple and place them on the plate so that the carrot rests perpendicular on the plate…Prick some toothpicks into the carrot as shown now, pin up your favorite fruits on the toothpicks. Oranges, kiwis, pineapples, grapes, strawberries and pretty much anything else!

In the end, survey your result with satisfaction and gorge into this perfect Christmassy dessert….:)..Splurge in!

Jingle bell stockings

Materials Required:

White and red felt
Decorative punches (hole -shaped, teardrop shaped etc)
Stocking template
Needle, thread and sewing machine
Scallop scissors
Tiny bells for embellishing

How to?


Take four pieces of felt and trace the template of the stocking. Use separate colors for the back and the front, and a different contrasting color for the lining. Next measure a grid of 1 inch squares on the back of the exterior stocking, after which draw lines in a criss cross pattern. Use the grid to help you out with the designs. 


Punch out different kinds of designs to your preference in different sizes and shapes. Using a pencil, move the design on the illustration on to your stocking. Keep repeating the pattern throughout the stocking till you have covered the whole thing. Leave a space of ½ an inch from the middle for the teardrops, the bigger holes, diagonal teardrops, and smaller holes are 1 inch, ¼ inch, and 1 ¼ inch from the middle respectively. Fold the felt on the edges of the grid, and keep punching out designs till the puncher can’t punch through the fabric anymore.

Step 3:

Now to put the stocking together, sew all the four pieces together, but leave the top open. Cut in slits and small notches on the front part of the ankle. Now take the cuff template and trace it onto the felt, once done, cut it out. Cut on the edges using scissors with a scalloped blade Sew the shorter sides of the cuffs together. Now using the seam on the outside of the stocking, side the cuff to the top, leaving a gap of ¼ inch.

Step 4:

Turn the socking the right way again, and fold the cuff down. Using the template as a guideline cut the hanging loop out; sew the loop inside the top part of the stocking. Lastly sew the bells on the very ends or right in the middle of the snowflake. 

So, there you go..! These were some of the ingenious ways in which you can decorate and liven up your Christmas! Hope you like them…until then, cheerio!

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