Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

How to apply nail polish perfectly
Girls we all love to apply nail polish but it is very important to apply nail polish perfectly. Applying nail polish with technique is important. Friends I am not an expert in everything.  But I love to have perfect nail polish.

Applying nail polish perfectly needs lots of practice. I tried a lot by applying nail paint daily. I guess, today I can apply nail polish better than earlier.

You know girls; initially my nail polish used to be messy but now after practicing, I come to know that what I did wrong.

My mom used to tell me that applying nail polish is an art so matter how your experience is while applying nail paint. 

Well this was my experience, go through the post to know how to apply nail polish perfectly. 

Soak hands in water: This one is first step in applying nail polish perfectly. In a tub take warm water and soak your hands in it. 

Soaking your hands helps to soften your cuticles. For 5 minutes let your hands be in warm water. With nail stick, clean your nails. 

Remove old nail polish: Before applying new nail polish remove your old nail polish. If you apply on your old nail paint your nails will look dull.

Remove your cuticles: take cuticle pusher and remove your excess cuticles. While doing this process you need to shape your nails as well.

How to apply nail polish perfectly

Apply base coat: For long stay mail polish, you must apply base coat. Friends start applying nail paint from your cuticle and then go till your nails. Base coat nail polish contains an ingredient that helps to keep our nails healthy and thus prevent from splitting as it contains proteins, calcium and vitamin E.

Choose your favorite nail paint color: Initially choose nail polish which you wish to apply. 1st apply at your pinky finger and then go till thumb. Do not shake or move your hands for 5 minutes. Let your nail paint dries. 

Apply second coat: Once your 1st coat dries apply same nail paint again to give desired color. 

Soak your hands in water:  Check out if your nail paint is dried nicely. If yes then soak your nails in soap diluted water for 3 minutes. Now with brush remove excess nail paint that comes in contact with your skin.


As per your hands complexion choose nail paint color as every color does not choose every one.

Never forget to remove old nail paint.

Instead of normal nail polish remover ask your shopkeeper to give your acetone nail polish remover.

Shake the nail polish bottle before applying.

I hope my tutorial to apply nail paint perfectly will help you to achieve perfect nail polish.  

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