Monday, June 15, 2015

How To Fix Split Ends

How to fix split ends
We all are worried about split ends. Whatever be your age, each and everyone face the problem of split ends.  Many people express their words that split ends occurs because of the use of harmful chemicals while some says it occurs due to bad eating habit or unhealthy lifestyle.

Even regular application of hair dryers and hair tools may cause split ends.

Today in my post will share some important tips to fix your split ends: 

Always use wide tooth comb: After shower, slowly move your wide tooth comb on your hair thoroughly till all the tangles are vanished. This will help in preventing breakage.

Mind your heat tools: Invest in good hair dyer as too much heat is harmful to your hairs.

Go gentle: Always love your hair. Tie your hair smoothly. Never pull your hairs. Never rely on spray and styling gel. This will help to get smooth hair. 

Take biotin and folic acid: Hair need good amount of proteins and vitamin for healthy and nourished hairs. Most important among all is biotin and folic acid. These supplements help to get good length, thickness and healthy hair.  One much consume food containing leafy veggies, peas, proteins, carbs and soybeans as they are rich in biotin.

Use live in conditioner: Conditioner helps to pervert your hairs from split ends. Always while washing hair never forget to apply live in conditioner at your split ends. 

Blow dry in a right way: Always use nozzle on your dyer. Never blow your dryer more than 90 seconds on your hairs. Best option to dry your hairs is natural dry.

Get regular hair cut: Instant way to get rid of split ends is to have a haircut. To prevent from split ends have regular trims. Trim your hair at least every 6 to 8 weeks.

Friends these were some simple way to get rid of split ends.

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