Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why Chennai Took my Heart Away in a Single Visit Only

Why Chennai took my heart away in a single visit only?
Chennai - is one of the most preferred destinations to those who love to gossip and spend hours in the sand beaches and sea shores...

Hello friends,

While I was on my trip to South India, Chennai was one of those cities that were there in my itinerary. 

Chennai one of the busy metropolitan city in the southern part of has got the wonderful tourist sites, temples, beaches, shopping malls, parks, zoos to give that entertainment and the enjoyment one wants while visiting for spending vacations and leisure time with family and friends.

On my trip this was the 1st city I visited. I stayed at Grand Chola and had wonderful stay. Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels in India. I was in Chennai for one day.

As the Arabian Sea is close to Chennai, so there are numerous beaches and sea shore which can make you forget all your tensions and worries. You will love to enjoy the view of the everlasting sea and the continuous waves striking the beach. The small sea animals like oysters, sea urchins, crabs, tortoise are found to be accompanied along with the sea water and running all around the beach. Even small snails and fishes are found to be covered by the sea sand.

Besant Nagar Beach also known as Elliot's Beach or 'Bessie' is a picnic spot located in Chennai. Besant Nagar a residential area is named after the famous lady theosophist Annie Besant and Besant Nagar Beach is the end point of the Marina beach shore.

Marina Beach of Chennai is a popular destination. Marina Beach is one of the longest urban beaches in the world. Stretched along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal for about 12 km, Marina Beach is bordered by St. George Fort in the North and Besant Nagar.

Why Chennai took my heart away in a single visit only?

Elliott Beach, located towards the South of Marina Beach is a calm place and is considered one among the cleanest beaches in Tamil Nadu.

VGP Golden Beach is a beach attached to the VGP Universal Kingdom situated on East Coast Road. This beach lies adjacent to the amusement park and is one of the safest and cleanest beaches making it one of the most preferred beaches in Chennai.

Beside the beaches there are famous temples like Kapaleshwar Temple, Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Jagannath Temple which has wonderful architecture and sculptured works in its walls and statues.

Arignar Zoological park is also a very favorite children amusement place where there are varieties of animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians found roaming.

Guindy Snake Park is home to as well as a breeding centre for diverse species of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles. It has more than 30 species of Indian snakes like King Cobra. 

I loved this city. I visited Chennai in February thus it was pleasing climate, but mainly this city has humid climate. From Chennai I took direct flight to Madhurai. We visited to old Chennai airport but I come to know that new airport will be opening soon. I hope in my next visit my flight would land at Chennai new airport. 

So friends did you visited to Chennai ever? So what all places you covered.


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