Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kissan - True Joy Is Being There For Your Folks ! #RealTogetherness

kissan ketchup

Hello Buddies,

I will start by saying that it is important to spend time with your children than to spend money on them. Kissan believes the same and is making an effort to bring families together by sending out a strong message through its short film. In India, these days, the trend of nuclear families is growing and children are also very often left in day care centers through most part of the day since in most cases, both the parents are working.

The professional demands often require parents to work overtime and even late nights at least on weekdays. In such a scenario, weekends seem like the only time for IT and MNC professionals to spend some quality time with their family. On weekdays, since, parents cannot afford to accompany the kids to outdoors for active sports, kids end up resorting to only mobile games, television and digital play stations for entertainment. This is not healthy for growling kids since it makes the kids lethargic, lazy and even affects their posture and eyesight negatively. 
kissan ketchup
Lack of interaction with other kids makes your kids miss out on the actual joys of childhood like playing group games, chirping, dancing around and enjoying nature.

Kissan understands the challenges of parenthood these days. Due to inflation, it is very necessary for both parents to work. The least you can do is to spend whatever time you have at home, interacting with your child. It could be something as simple as reading out a bedtime story to your little one or singing a lullaby to them. Hug your kid as often as you can as this instills self confidence in your child and encourages them to confide in you. On weekends, take your kids out to meet their grandparents, if possible or for nature walk. You can plan a visit to a farmhouse or a zoo. 

Kissan also gives you one such fun opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with your kids. Kissan is inviting you to plant tomato seeds and nurture the plants while it is in growing stages. "Each one, plant one" is one thing that needs to be taught to every kid and with Kissan tomato seeds, you can inculcate this very good quality in your little one. The joy of seeing the seeds grow into a plant and then seeing small tomatoes growing in Kissan's kitchen garden is one real joy of childhood. These tomatoes grown by kids will be used in making Kissan ketchup!!

So, this weekend ditch the all day movie marathons and the lethargy to just cling to hour mobile phones and laptops checking social media all day long. Instead, step out and pay a visit go Kissanpur and help your child create some wonderful memories that they will cherish for a life time. Better still, not only you but even the grand parents can accompany the kids. We are sure grandparents will be having some interesting tales to tell.


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