Friday, December 11, 2015

How To Look Best With Accessories This Christmas In India

How To Look Best With Accessories This Christmas In India
Hey guys! 

Our very own and much awaited festival of lights and decoration of Christmas tree, that is, Christmas is just a couple of days away and we better get geared up for it as the festivities have started already! And I know, starting from me to every other person out there, we all want to look our best using the most trendy and classy accessories in Christmas. Personally, I am not much of a “jewelry” girl, but yes, I like being simple and elegant at the same time. 

How To Look Best With Accessories This Christmas In India

So what should you basically focus on?

•    Start with opting a dress for you like- gown, floral tops, elegant halter neck dress, coats, skirts etc.

•    Pick up a classy hairstyle like- bun with some funky twist, open curled/straight hair, braids, twisted hairdo etc. 

•    Choose your jewelry accordingly – Like if you opt for a gown and a loose braid, you must go for elongated earrings with a shimmering neck piece.

•    If you opt for a gown and a bun, you better get yourselves a cool looking heavy earring, to enhance your look, also add to it a thin necklace and a bold bracelet.

•    If you opt for a classic dress and your hair open, you could go for big round earrings and matching neck piece to give a stamped and a chic look.

•    Oh! And why would you forget your footwear! So, to make it look the best thing ever, you can team up-

1.  Designer flats with skirts.
2.  Peep toes with dresses or suits.
3.  Moccasins with long skirts.
4.  Pumps with gown and jeans.
5. Boots with frocks or jeans

Also, neon colours are very much in trend these days, pairing up a few accessories like a necklace, anklets and earrings with one such colour of dress, you would look perfect. Accessorizing ourselves in a way that looks chic but classy too, is not that big of a challenge, if we know to choose the right colour for our attire and how to pair up the accessories with it.


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