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These Foods Are Super Awesome For Lactose Free Diet

Top 10 foods that are best for lactose free diet
Top 10 foods that are best for lactose free diet
Lactose free diet has its own benefits. It helps you prevent various health problems like bloating, gas, flatus, diarrhea and cramping. A lactose free diet is a diet when you eat foods that have no lactose. Lactose is a sugar that is found in milk and other dairy products. It is better to avoid foods that contain lactose.
For this, you need to read the food labels very carefully. Foods like milk based breads, dried potato mixed breads, rolls, muffins or waffles, packaged poultry food item or macaroni mixes etc. should be avoided as they contain lactose.
The top 10 foods that can be included in lactose free diet are as follows:


Pasta is yummy, healthy and lactose-free. Pasta does not contain milk solid. Lactose may be present in some ready-to-eat pasta so it is better that one must read the label on the pack before buying.

Water-based breads

There are water-based breads that are easily available in the market. Italian breads, Jewish rye breads and French breads are some of the most common type of water-based breads. Make sure you don’t get confused in milk-based breads and water-based breads. 


Rice is one of the most common foods that are easily available and most commonly consumed. It is lactose free in nature and thus makes a perfect food for a lactose free diet.


Oats are considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is usually harvested during the fall but is available to eat throughout the year. They are quick to prepare and good for health. It is not only a good lactose free diet but it is also a good source of other fibers and nutrients that are required maintain a healthy body.


Eggs are a super health food. They are a perfect for lactose free diet. There are many other health benefits of eggs like they prevent us from eye disease, heart attacks, strokes etc.


Barley is amongst the top 10 foods for a lactose free diet. It is known as ‘Jau’ in India. It is also known for its cholesterol-lowering ability. Barley is a wholesome food for healthy skin, health and hair. It is also a natural weight-loss food too. 


Peas are considered as a boon for our health. They are a powerhouse of nutrients. It is lactose free and has several health benefits. It is packed with various vital nutrients, vitamins and plant-sterols which are good for our health and skin.


Tofu is commonly preferred as a substitute for meat. Tofu is low-fat option which is packed with vitamins and protein. It is a best lactose-free diet which is healthy, delicious and very easy to prepare. 


People, who are non-vegetarian, love to eat bacon. It is one of the most famous and loved non-veg food items in our world. Bacon is a great option for a lactose free diet. Bacon has some other health benefits too like it flushes the fats off from the body; it is powered with protein and is wonderful for our heart’s health. So, if you are a non-vegetarian food lover then this food is definitely best for you.

Corn tortilla chips

Corn tortilla chips are tasty and healthy. They are far better than fried potato chips. Even USDA suggests eating corn tortilla chips. It is a good option if you willing to consume lactose free diet. It is enriched with fibers which are beneficial for our digestive tract. Fiber in it also absorbs extra water in our body and prevents us from the problem of constipation. 

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